Your beautiful :)

Thanks! Your beautiful too :3

You're so pretty *-*!

Thank you! You are so cute :3

Kissing her scars/cuts usually works but you need to stick by her through everything, never let her feel inferior to you, always make sure to tell her you love her, cuddle her as much as you can and never let go, tell her she's beautiful every single day you see her. And most of all, never let her do anything alone, support her through everything, If she relapses, tell her it's okay, relapse is part of recovery.
How do you fix a girl that's already broken

Im broken too, but i am trying to fix myself with the good things of my life its really hard but i think it works

Hi. I'm new to your blog but it's great. I think you're amazing. It would be really cool to get to know you :)

Hey thanks, i like to knew you too :)

Hey can I just say I love your blog and would love for u to follow me but I wanted to ask can you give me some destructions or something to do when I feel like cutting , because that's all I've done lately and I relapsed after a year and I was gutted so I you could give me a couple of destruction for me to have while I feel like cutting .....

Hey don’t hurt yourself anymore, instead of it when you are angry it tries to distract you thinking about other things, in something good or simply writes everything what you feel and then destroy it it was helping you stop hurting, I take 5 months without any hurt and this help me… :)